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Costa rica in 12 days: vacation package

Transportation in Monteverde

12 days of adventure and relaxation between the Caribbean, Central Valley, and the Pacific. A tour that takes you to the mountains, rainforest, volcanos, and beaches of Costa Rica; a vacation that you will never be able to forget:




monteverde Transportation services

Transportation in Monteverde

You can book your transportation services directly through us. Please let us know your transportation needs and we will be glad to assist you:


Transportation services most common routes:

  • San Jose - Monteverde - San Jose
  • Monteverde - La Fortuna - Monteverde
  • Monteverde - Manuel Antonio - Monteverde

ziplines and hanging bridges

Here visitors will walk on eight different bridges with various lengths ranging between 150 feet ( 50 meters ) up to 510 feet ( 170 meters ) and altitudes ranging between 36 feet ( 12 meters ) up to 180 feet ( 60 meters ).

Each bridge has a width of five feet, the widest bridges in Costa Rica, and also a capacity of up to 80 people per bridge making them both the longest and strongest bridge systems in the Monteverde Cloud Forest. The Tree Top Walkways are suitable for people of all ages. The duration of the hike usually takes between 1.5 and 2 hours and guided and self guided tours may be booked in advance

monteverde cloud forest hiking tour

The Monteverde Biological Cloud Forest Reserve is one the most developed and well-maintianed natural attractions in Costa Rica. The trails are clearly marked, regularly traveled, and generally gentle in terms of ascents and descents. The cloud forest here is lush and largely untouched. Still, keep in mind that most of the birds and mammals are rare, elusive, and nocturnal. More over, to all but the most trained of eyes, those thousands of exotic ferns, orchids, and bromeliads tend to blend into one lorga mass of indistinguishable green. However, with a guide hired through our hotel you can see and learn far more than you could on your own.


Wildlife refuge curi-cancha

Oil Bird Bell Bird Resplandecent Quetzal
Oil Bird
(Steatornis caripensis )
Bell Bird
(Procnias tricarunculatus)
Resplandecent Quetzal
(Pharomachrus mocinno de la Llave )

The wild life refuge Curi-Cancha is  a  private wildlife preserve in the very heart of Monteverde, covering both lowerand wet montane and premontane wet virgin cloud forest.
Perfect place for birdwatchers, there are 5 differents trails, Sendero Leo 1.8km, Sendero Ficus 1km, Sendero Manga 2.2km, sender El Guacharo 950mts and the Sendero Pumade 1,5km


monteverde coffee tour

Come and enjoy a very good cup of coffee and its history; part of our culture, by explaining to you the whole process the coffee follows from the plant to the cup (free land transportation)



zip lines - canopy tour

16 cables, TARZAN, SWING, RAPPELL, hiking, we have experienced guides, free land transportation (pick up in your hotel and droop of in your hotel back

San Luis waterfall

Located in San Luis Village, this amazing and hiden natural gem offers an easy 45 minutes-walk through the cloud forest, crossing a river in 3 parts, walking up to find one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica: The San Luis Waterfall. This tour is usually combined with the San Luis Coffee Tour.


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