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Sabor Espanol Restaurant, While you contemplate the tasty menu, complimentary delicious passion fruit sangria is brought to you.  To start a relaxing evening after a day of adventure (This is not the ideal resSabor Espanol REstaurant, Monteverde Costa Ricataurant to grab a quick bite). Our guests Andria & Gabe from Oregon insist that the stuffed avocado with tuna is not to miss (Be careful if you are a light eater as this dish alone can fill you up!)  For seafood lovers, the clams are great, and the Barcelona specialty (a toast to Mark & Jane from Colorado!) – Fideua of seafood easily tops the paella.  Fideua is seafood paella with the rice replaced by angel hair pasta, which soaks up all the essence and the flavor of the seafood mix.  If you’ve had enough of seafood, all the red meat dishes are equally tasty and well done.  For something more unique, go for the chicken w curry & anise serve with couscous and home fried yucca chips.  Vegetarian?  The tropical salad (with 9 ingredients!) alone serves as a hearty meal, and you can always have the ice cream topped pineapple flamed with coco rum to fill the void.  To wrap it up, what makes everyone rave about this restaurant is not only the delicious food, but the very reasonable prices, the homey ambiance with a touch of romance, and, best of all, the very warm and passionate hostess & chef.  We are very fortunate to have Sabor Español here in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Caburé Café Chocolate Tour, Many coffee tour companies in Monteverde begin to include ‘cSabor Espanol REstaurant, Monteverde Costa Ricahocolate tour’ as part of their tour to compete with other rival companies.  While these companies main focus is still on coffee and or sugar mill, the cacao bean processing is only touched on briefly.  If you have more time to spare in Monteverde, and are genuinely curious about the history and science behind the creation of chocolate, then I strongly recommend a couple hours spent at the Caburé Argentine Café, where Bob invites you into his beautiful work shop and demonstrates the entire process, from fermentation to roasting, grinding to temping then dipping the chocolate liquid.  Bob’s chocolate tour is as through and interesting as watching Alton Brown on Food Network, but even better, because you’re there in person!

Bob’s chocolate tour usually runs 2:00 pm or 4:00pm / $10 per person. 
For more inquiry or reservation write to us at:

Go to to learn more about Caburé Argentine Café

Provare i tamales, il tradizionale pranzo di Natale in Costa Rica, per quasi tutto il Costa Rica famiglie un Natale senza provare i tamales non è completa. Questo delizioso piatto tipico, preparato quasi esclusivamente nel mese di dicembre per mangiare durante la fine dell'anno feste e celebrazioni - proviene da una tradizione millenaria. Si ritiene anche che provare i tamales sono una parte dei nostri antenati patrimonio. La verità è che tutti i costaricani, ricordo di aver mangiato, dato che erano bambini piccoli

La base di un massimo mauro è mais, o granoturco, un tipo di coltura per il meso-indiani americani poiché precolombiani. Il mais è sempre stata un elemento essenziale nella loro dieta ed è utilizzato per preparare un numero infinito di piatti gustosi, come ad esempio i ben noti le tortillas e atole, inoltre, anche le bevande alcoliche come chicha.


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