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Bird Watching in Monteverde with Renzo

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Birding in Monteverde ... an unique experience

Monteverde’s altitude range from 1300m to over 1800m along the Continental divide and down to 800m on the Caribbean slope, with over 400 species of birds.  It is one of the most beautiful and amazing place for bird watching. Besides the usual group tours available here in Monteverde, Renzo personally organizes and lead two different bird watching tours:

San Luis Bird Watching Tour.

(6 hours / lunch + transportation included)

Renzo begins the tour by leading you through the secondary forest (mostly down hill) towards San Luis town.  Depending on everyone’s speed, the number of birds and other animals we spot along the way (and the amount of time we spent taking photos!) the 3 km hike can last 2 – 4 hours.  At the end of the hike is a ranch where we will enjoy a hearty Costa Rican home cook meal (we may also spot some real amazing birds while there!)  After lunch is a short hike back to meet our private transportation back to the hotel.

An alternative you may consider for this tour:
  • Add on a visit to Don Victor’s coffee farm near by, learn a great deal about coffee agriculture and business, and enjoy the charm of an authentic coffee farm.

The tour is open for anyone in good health and ready to do several hours of moderate hiking.

  • $75 per person. Includes: Transportation, lunch and guide
  • $110 per person with Coffee tour include

San Gerardo Ranger Station.

(1-5 days / entrance + 3 meals/snack + accommodation included)

The ranger station from EL Viandante is a 20 minutes car ride and a 1 – 2 hour down hill hike.  We will arrive at the station in time for a short break and lunch before we start to explore part of the 11 km trails available around the station. If the weather is clear, we will have an amazing view of Volcano Arenal and the lake from the station!  After dinner, we will head back out for a night walk, which could be the high light of this trip (second to the ranger station’s food?).  Due to the remoteness of our location, you can truly experience the magical force of wild rainforest.  Typically you can spot some insects, sleeping birds, various frogs and snakes.  When in luck, you may even encounter wild boar or the large bird curassow.
Next day after breakfast, we will hike to the waterfall for our last bird watching tour.  Then return to the station to pick up our things and hike back up the hill (2 hours or more?) and return to EL Viandante.

The tour is open for anyone in good health, ready to do long hours of moderate hiking.

Minimum 2 people required, or double the cost for only one person please.


  • Your choice of just a day trip visit (no dinner/night walk) or up to five nights stay.
  • At an extra cost, we can hire a quad (all terrain vehicles) to transport your luggage in/out of the station, or one companion (a friend with injured leg or young child for example.)
  • Special meal can be arranged with advance notification: Vegetarian, gluten free, or vegan.

The tour is open for anyone in good health and ready to do several hours of moderate hiking.

  • $150 per person. Included Transportation to and from Reserve S. Elena, Children Eternal primary rain forest reserve, breakfast, lunch, dinner and guide for all the time.
  • Extra day please add $100 per person













The ranger station is built in wood, very basic but clean.  There are a total of nine rooms all on the second floor, sharing one large balcony with hammocks and amazing view of the Volcano Arenal. All rooms are with bunk beds and private bathroom (NO HOT WATER SHOWER!).  It is situated in the middle of the forest, surrounded by nothing but nature.  The station’s very nice keepers (and amazing chief!) provide all three meals and snacks







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